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I am a professional, board-certified Medical Illustrator, and I have been working since 2012 as a surgical video editor and medical animator. I immerse myself daily in the process of image making.


My regular work duties include biomedical, surgical, and figure illustration, surgical video editing, 3D modelling, sculpting, and animation, as well as research and writing. 

Throughout my career I have found that any concept can be quickly and effectively communicated with well-crafted visual aids. A skilled artist armed with knowledge from numerous scientific disciplines can create work that communicates a strong, clear message of otherwise difficult subject matter. If you have a project you think I may be able to help you with, please feel free to contact me.


I love teaching and telling stories, and helping others to do the same. 

Work experience

Toronto Video Atlas of Surgery January 2015 – Present. Senior Biomedical Communications Specialist. The Toronto Video Atlas of Surgery (TVASurg) is an open access library of expert curated surgical teaching videos enhanced with 3D animation.

Perioperative Interactive Education June 2012 - December 2014. Biomedical Communicator. The Perioperative Interactive Education (PIE) group is a team of medical artists and researchers dedicated to creating visually-based aids for medical teaching.

Body Scientific International LLC, Long Grove, IL October 2011 - June 2012. Medical Illustrator. Specializing in textbook illustration, BSI creates visual resources to aid the education of healthcare professionals and students at all levels in the topics of health and medicine.


Review of Knee Joint Innervation: Implications for Diagnostic Blocks and Radiofrequency Ablation

Shannon L Roberts, PhD, Alison Stout, DO, Paul Dreyfuss, MD

Journal of Pain Medicine, Volume 21, Issue 5, May 2020. Cover and article illustrations.

Subnormothermic ex vivo liver perfusion reduces endothelial cell and bile duct injury after donation after cardiac death pig liver transplantation

Jan M. Knaak, Vinzent N. Spetzler, Nicolas Goldaracena, Markus U. Boehnert, Fateh Bazerbachi, Kristine S. Louis, Oyedele A. Adeyi, Leonid Minkovich, Paul M. Yip, Shaf Keshavjee, Gary A. Levy, David R. Grant, Nazia Selzner, Markus Selzner 

Journal of Liver Transplantation, Volume 20, Issue 11. November 2014. Cover and article illustration.

Depicting surgical anatomy of the porta hepatis in living donor liver transplantation

Co-authored with Anne Agur, PhD, Albert Fung, Paul Greig, MD, Jodie Jenkinson, PhD, Ian McGilvray, MD, Joy Qu, and Gordon Tait, PhD.

2017, Journal of Visualized Surgery, 3. Co-Author and article illustrations.

Producing a 3D-animated Visualization of Concussion

Co-Authored with Anne Agur, PhD, Doug Richards, MD, & Nick Woolridge.

2014, The Journal of Biocommunications. Volume 39, Number 3. Co-Author and article illustrations. 

"BMS 117: Infection and Host Response"

Compiled and edited by Elizabeth A Joyce, PhD. University of California at San Francisco laboratory manual, 2nd edition. Cover illustration & design.

"Bates' Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking"

Lynn S. Bickley & Peter G. Szilagyi, 11th edition, 8 illustrations.

"Therapeutic Kinesiology"

Mary Ann Foster, 1st edition, 2012, 57 illustrations.

Toronto Notes

University of Toronto medical exam study guide, 2011 edition, 5 illustrations.

Human Anatomy & Physiology Society, online journal, Spring 2010 issue, cover illustration.

“A Guide to the Systemic Dissection of the Human Body”

University of Illinois at Chicago laboratory manual, 2007 edition, 30 illustrations.

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