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BMClass : DaVinci Resolve for Medical Illustrators

Last month, the Biomedical Communications Alumni Association hosted a week of professional development covering free or low-cost software options for medical illustration work. I did a presentation on the freeware DaVinci Resolve by Blackmagic Design. You can check out the talk below:

The BMClasses project was part of the 75th anniversary celebration for the Biomedical Communications program at the University of Toronto–Mississauga. These were a series of one-hour professional development webinars by current students, professors, and alumni.

Here is a link to a google doc of my script I wrote up for the talk. It might be easier to read through the text for some folks, and you'll also find a few tidbits I had to skip past for the live event. There are chapter headings for easy navigation. If you've never used bookmarks in Google Docs before I highly recommend it–you can hyperlink to another section anywhere within the doc!

If you’d like to get deeper into learning DaVinci Resolve, one of the best resources out there is a fellow named Alex Jordan who has the site I’ve also learned a lot of DaVinci Resolve tricks from Casey Ferris, much of the Fusion compositing I picked up from Branden Arc (one of the friendliest, happiest youtubers I’ve ever encountered btw), and for general video editing knowledge check out Kelsey Brannan, aka Premiere Gal. Specific video references have also been linked to the section headings throughout the aforementioned GoogleDoc.

DaVinci Resolve shines as one of the best video editing softwares out there, with color-grading tools that can't be matched. Most alternative video editing software requires you to purchase and install additional plugins to come close to what Resolve offers right out of the gate.

One the newest additions to Resolve has me really excited, which is the "Fusion" tab where you can composite 3D render passes. Fusion is actually a separate piece of software by Blackmagic, but in the newest versions of Resolve they've packaged a lite version of Fusion so you can learn the basics of it.

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