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Medical Illustration Podcast - Gaël McGill interview

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

This is an interview with biomedical illustrator, Harvard professor, business entrepreneur, and molecular visualizer Dr. Gaël McGill. In this episode we talk about Gaël’s early experiences with making art and how he transitioned into biomedical communications work. We talk about his company Digizyme and the client work he’s done, as well as his online learning platform Clarafi, and the development of the Molecular Maya toolkit.

Show notes



Molecular Maya + mMaya Toolkits

Drew Berry

Gordon Research Conference on Scientific Visualization

Jodi Jenkinson Research Lab



VMD (Visual Molecular Dynamics)

Campbell Strong


Art Olson

Cell Signaling Technologies Molecular Landscape by Digizyme

Learning from Dynamic Visualizations book

E. O. Wilson’s Life on Earth Apple eBook series

Geoff Cheung | CarbonCoded

NSF RCN grants (Research Coordination Networks)


The Machinery of Life book by David Goodsell

In Silico book

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