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Medical Illustration Podcast - Michael Hickman interview

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

This is an interview with Michael Hickman, Senior Technical 3D Artist at Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix Arizona. Michael is a whiz in all the technical aspects of high-end 3D production and an active contributor on the Association of Medical Illustrator’s members HUB forum, where he’s posted several articles about emerging trends in the tech sector that will affect the future of the field of medical illustration.

In this episode, we chat about some of these advances and workflows for high-end medical animation studios and 3D medical visualizers. The opinions expressed in the podcast are those of Michael and do not reflect those of his employer.


- Barrow Neurological Institute

- Barrow Neurosurgical Grand Rounds

- Barrow Neurological IG account

- Peter Lawrence IG account

- Stereoscopic 3D in neurosurgery

- Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve

- Blackmagic Fusion

- Advanced Nuke compositing

- SideFX Houdini

- ACES colorspace

- Why every Editor, Colorist and VFX Artist needs to Understand ACES

- EXRio plugin for Photoshop

- USD file format

- Protein Data Bank

- Molecular Maya toolkit for Autodesk Maya

- ePMV

- NIH 3D model archive

- Human anatomy models on SketchFab

- NVIDIA Omniverse

- Andrew Kramer

- Video CoPilot

- EBSynth AI rotoscoping app

- “Turn the Ship Around! A True Story of Turning Followers Into Leaders” by L. David Marquet

- General render engine benchmarks and processor/GPU reviews

- CG Industry

- CPU, GPU, and CG software reviews

- CG software releases and general news info

GPU and CPU analysis and leaks:

- AdoredTV GPU and CPU analysis and leaks

- Coreteks GPU and CPU analysis and leaks

- RedGamingTech GPU and CPU analysis and leaks

- Moore’s Law is Dead GPU and CPU analysis and leaks

- High performance computing industry news and analysis

- Gaming industry reviews and analysis

- Server industry reviews and analysis

- Linux news and software/hardware development

- AI and rendering research papers video summaries

- CG Technical director forum

- Pixar research papers

- VFX industry and technology articles

- Rendering and CG production podcasts

- Latest interactive/gaming technologies analysis

- Eurogamer’s YouTube channel

- Nvidia’s YouTube channel

- Data center and industry IT info

- Topaz Labs Video Enhance AI

- Association of Medical Illustrator’s 2021 annual meeting site

- AMI Vimeo channel

- TVASurg Photogrammetry tech talk

- ACES Color Space: Academy Award-Winning Color Workflows

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