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Medical Illustration Podcast - Shizuka Aoki interview

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

This is an interview with medical illustrator, CEO and Co-founder of BioRender, Shizuka Aoki. A graduate of the Johns Hopkins Art as Applied to Medicine program and a board certified medical illustrator, Shizuka is well-known for her masterful illustrations and has published numerous works in National Geographic and Scientific American.

BioRender has quickly emerged in the scientific visualization space as one of the most powerful tools for scientific image-making. With thousands of pre-made icons and templates to work from, BioRender aims to save scientists countless hours and improve their communications so they can devote more time to their life-saving research.

In this conversation we talk about her early career journey, how she came to pivot from illustration to running a company, and how she’s been able to grow her business in challenging times.


- SciVizNYC 2020 presentation

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