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Until Then

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

In 2017 my colleagues and I at TVASurg decided to forgo a 3D demo reel in favour of a passion project. We created a 3-minute animation short inspired by the opening credits to the hit HBO show Westworld and adapted the visual aesthetic to tell our own story: a show of gratitude to organ donors.

This involved storyboarding, co-designing and coordinating over 30 animation shots (not all of which made the final cut), 3D modelling, animation and rendering, and compositing and video editing. To capture the emotional aesthetic of the show, we successfully licensed an audio track from the show for the video's release, but due to licensing terms, we later removed the music from the video.

You can learn more about this video on the TVASurg blog. In November of that year, I presented this animation at the BMCAA Uncon event where I discussed the production process.

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